Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I tend to take my camera out with no preconceptions of what I will shoot more than often, this is one of my true loves for photography, never knowing. This time I decided to keep the idea of 'reflections' in the back of my head, just as a subject to perhaps look out for. 

Here be thy results;

You may recognize this one, rather abstract image that inspired me to look for more reflections.

Took this a while back whilst trippin' balls at Roadburn festival, thought it was appropriate.

Out of Date S. Croft Update.

Party. by Adam Reid1
Party., a photo by Adam Reid1 on Flickr.

You may recall the recent Stokes Croft disruptions. About a month ago a impromptu free party began next door to Telepathic Heights and out into the street, directly opposite that fateful Tesco Express. I arrived about 2am and it carried on for a number of hours either side. Police decided to close the street (a main road into Bristol, a Red Route too, surprising) and allowed it to carry on as it were.

A&S Police seemed to have got it right this time.

My favorite party-goers were these two, weaving in & out of peoples legs all night, playing, fighting, generally being free.