Monday, 4 April 2011

Stokes Croft.

My high street.
Basically, an incredibly interesting place. Very culturally/art motivated, liberal, lots of squats/communes, graffiti is encouraged (about 3 Banksy's within 3 mins), lots of live music.
I was meant to do an 'environmental portraiture' project so I wandered up & down here for about 5 hours, stopped people and shot things I saw.
First time shooting on 120.
Colour: Provia 100 shot on Mamiya 645. B&W: XP2 on Mamiya 7ii.

People's Republic of Stokes Croft - Art Collective & Warehouse

"We play death metal."

 Idle Hands record store to the left.

Will be spending a lot more time down there shooting, this was a warm-up more than anything.


  1. sick photos man, and no helvetica in sight.

  2. Awesome as always.

  3. Cheers peeps, will be a couple more soon, plenty more in the future.

    eyp pey?

  4. Great photos, captured the croft in all its glory :) need to pay a visit to idle hands not been there yet since its openings. What's it like compared to rooted?

  5. Nice photos! We had a little wander round Stokes Croft last time I visited Bristol.

  6. some nice shots, i love bristol - not so much the saint pauls area tho...

  7. amazing photos! makes me want to hop on a plane immediately

  8. Excellent, looking forward to seeing more pics.